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 Welcome to OpenComments™:

Empowering the Individual on the Internet

Post comments on any Web page

If you can navigate to it, you can post or reply to a comment on it. You can even share your comment with other people, including those who don't have the OpenComments extension installed.

Receive warnings about scam sites

Thinking about buying something from a company you don't know? Just navigate to any of its Web pages and OpenComments will scour the Internet about the company and tell you in seconds if it's a scam.

Build public forums, free of censorship

Read, post and reply to an OpenComment using any Web browser

If you prefer posting comments using a browser other than those listed above, including mobile devices, try the OpenComments Web app. Just navigate to and tap the menu icon at the upper right of the screen to sign in with your email address. Navigate to the page where you wish to post a comment by entering the URL in the OpenComments search bar. Press the + button to open the Compose dialog and compose your comment.

Share comments with your favorite social networks

Using either the OpenComments extension or the Web app,  you can share comments with your social networks by tapping the Share icon to the right of the comment and choosing how you want to share it (via email, Facebook, WhatsApp or copy the page URL). The comments list is automatically updated whenever  a new comment is posted and users may share any comment with anyone they wish. A great way to promote your comment to the rest of the world!

Here's how it works:

2. Press the Post button to post your comment. The Post Completion dialog should appear: 

3. Now tap the Share icon on the right. The following choices will be displayed:

4. Select one of the three sharing options; for example, share via email. Add one or more message recipients, an optional subject and message body, then send the message.

5. When the recipient selects the link, they will see the comment you posted and the site and page URL where the comment was posted on:

Here's what a user of the OpenComments extension would see if they navigated to Page URL:

If a user navigates to, they will see a display similar to the following, prompting them to either enter the URL of a Web page, or a list of all the current OpenComments, sorted in descending order by the date of posting:

By navigating to a Web page, they will see all the comments posted on that page:

Sharing to Facebook will result in something like the following. Tapping the OpenComments icon will cause the message to be displayed.

Call out fake news and hidden agendas on their doorstep.

Bypass censorship of social media groups and online retailers.

If you wish to reply to a comment, simply tap on the desired comment in the list.